Porsche created a car that imitates a character from the movie Cars and is now auctioning it

admin August 19, 2022

The Porsche car company paid tribute to Cars, one of Pixar’s most successful animated films, and developed with the franchise a car model identical to one of its main characters. The unique piece will be auctioned this weekend.

The company manufactured from its model 911 a real representation of Sally, one of the few female characters that the Disney production has. She is about the character of a self-lawyer from Radiator Springs who conquers the runner and protagonist, Lightning McQueen.

“Cars brought cars to life on the big screen. The story conveys values ​​such as friendship, love and mutual support, and in the midst of all this there is a Porsche: Sally Carrera. Together with Pixar, we brought Sally’s spirit to life in a new way: not on screen, but off screen. With this unique 911 we want to help people who urgently need assistance, very much in the spirit of the character in the film,” said Sebastian Rudolph, Vice President of Communications, Sustainability and Policy at Porsche.

Sally, the new Porsche model: how it is inside

Characterized by having an electric blue color that stands out from all the others, it has now become the Porsche 911 Sally Special one-off, that is, it is a unique model. In order to make it as faithful as possible to the character, Pixar has been working with the company since 2021 in all phases of construction.

“We asked ourselves: If Sally were built today as a road-approved model, what would she look like? We had a lot of fun, it’s the first time we’ve worked on a project of this type, “said Jay Ward, creative director of Pixar Animation Studios.

Sally, the new Porsche model: how it is inside

The car model is characterized by many details: it has the logo of the film, with an exclusive and personalized paint, since it is the only car that has its own color, the “Sallybluemetallic”. It has custom rims and the car keys are shaped like the car.


Also, one of the controls bears the name “Kachow! Mode”, the popular phrase that Lightning McQueen pronounces in the film and that to this day he is remembered for that.

In that sense, the team behind commented that they had “total freedom” when designing it, always keeping its external appearance as faithful as possible to the character on the big screen.

“The details will hopefully bring a smile to the future owner but it was also important for us not to forget usability and practicality. The 911 Sally Special is designed to be driven often and with pleasure.

When is the Sally de Cars tribute car auctioned?

This Saturday, August 20, the auction will be held with other products of the automotive company. Anyone can participate in the event as long as they can pay the prices disputed in the auction.


While it is not yet known if there is a sale floor for Sally, the proceeds will go to Girls Inc., an organization that is dedicated to “providing girls with the knowledge and skills to make positive changes in their lives and become leaders who will change the world”, and also to the United Nations Refugee Agency, in this case for families who left Ukraine because of the war with Russia.


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