Jurassic Park: Is it time for dinosaur movies to die out?

admin August 19, 2022

By the looks of it, Jurassic World Dominion will go down in history as a passable movie. The critics have given it the go-ahead, but for very little. In Martín Cid Magazine, the critics said that the film was “entertaining”, but also disappointing. That’s representative of what most critics said.

However, even for those who liked the film, there was a sense that an overused formula was being used again. Yes, the action sequences may get bigger and better with each new Jurassic Park/World movie, but the main narrative and plot remains the same. There are a limited number of ways to tell the story of dinosaurs going rogue.

Without a doubt, the public continues to like the franchise. Dominion is the third highest-grossing film worldwide this year, grossing approximately $940 million at the global box office. The previous installment, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, was the third highest grossing film of 2018 ($1.3 billion), and Jurassic World was the highest grossing film of 2015 ($1.6 billion).

Jurassic Park has become a world brand beyond the cinema

Even though a drop in revenue could be noted, as Dominion only grossed about half of what Jurassic World did, it’s still clear that the franchise can gross a lot of money. And, as we know, money is the most important factor in modern cinema.

Jurassic Park Is it time for dinosaur movies to die out

Jurassic Park/World is a huge global brand, capable of making money from more than just box office receipts. There are toys and t-shirts, of course, and there’s a wide selection of Jurassic Park video games. There is even a range of official Jurassic Park and Jurassic World casino games from Microgaming, which you can find amongst the online slots at Genesis. The point, as such, is that there seems to be no financial reason to end the franchise.

The formula can only be repeated so many times

However, there are artistic reasons to put an end to the dinosaur sagas, at least in the cinema. As has already been said, the point is that there are only so many ways to tell the same story. Sure, some might say this is prevalent throughout cinema right now. If you look, for example, at the countless Marvel movies or Star Wars content. But all of them use different heroes and villains, and can tell different stories, even though they are all in the same “universe”, or multiverse really.

The Jurassic movies are more boxed in than any of the superhero or sci-fi movies. The protagonists may change, and the setting may shift from a remote tropical island to a city, but the antagonists and the narrative structure can only stay the same. It is a structural problem for film producers.

Of course, we don’t know at this point what’s next for the Jurassic movies. There was a note of finality in listening to the Dominion cast, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to see Chris Pratt return as the franchise’s breakout star. Apparently, this is the end of Jurassic World, which is wrapped in a trilogy like Jurassic Park. But someone could reboot it again, which means we’ll have a reboot of a reboot. However, will the public want to pay for more of the same? Even the most popular brands can get tiresome.


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