Explained ending of “The Next 365 Days”: Massimo or Nacho, who does Laura choose?

admin August 19, 2022

In “365 more days”, a crisis of trust puts Laura and Massimo’s relationship to the test. As if that weren’t enough, Nacho focuses with all his tenacity on separating them.

, begins with Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) visiting a grave, but it is not that of his wife but that of his twin brother Adriano.

Before meeting with Laura, the mafia boss meets with Fernando Matos and his son Nacho to make a deal: there will be no more confrontations if they do not invade the Torricelli’s territory again.

Back at her home, Laura tries to approach her husband, but he stops her because she is still recovering from the shooting of Anna, Massimo’s ex-girlfriend. Although she insists that she is perfectly fine, he prefers to wait a little longer.


Tired of resting, Laura goes out with her best friend and when she returns she seduces her husband and they resume their routine as a couple. While she helps Olga with the preparations for her and Domenico’s wedding, Anna-Maria Sieklucka’s character in “365 DNI” enjoys her marriage.

However, a call from Nacho (Simone Susinna) ruins his happiness when he begins to think about his time on the island and how different he felt next to Fernando Matos’ son before discovering his true identity. of the.

In addition, her relationship with Massimo becomes complicated because he can’t stop thinking about what happened with Nacho and feeling guilty for the loss of the son that his wife was expecting. All this causes a strong argument between the star couple of “The Next 365 Days” and their subsequent estrangement.

While Massimo concentrates on his business, Laura decides to focus on her career. After going back to the boutique and working on new designs, she is invited to an important fashion event in Portugal, where she meets Nacho again.

Although at first Laura does her best to avoid Nacho, after a conversation with her sister, she agrees to meet him. After admitting that she has feelings for her husband’s enemy, she spends the night with him, but she asks him for time to collect her ideas and make a decision. Returning home, she talks to Massimo and demands some time alone.


Massimo or Nacho, who does Laura choose?
To clarify her ideas, Laura visits her parents and tells them her doubts about Massimo and Nacho. On the one hand, she doesn’t think she is capable of abandoning her husband with whom she has shared a lot, and on the other hand, she feels free from her when she is with Matos. Who will she choose? What will be the consequences?

After a short time with her parents, Laura is still not sure what is best for her, but a call from Olga forces her to return. Apparently, Massimo found out about his affair with Nacho and is ready to kill everyone.

At the airport, Nacho pretends to be a taxi driver to tell Laura that he loves her, but that she will accept whatever decision she makes. For his part, Massimo waits for his wife on the beach and admits that he knew about Nacho from the beginning, but that he did nothing because his father taught him that if he loves something he must let it go, if it comes back it will be his forever and if he doesn’t it never was.

After listening to both men, Laura is even more confused, but she must make a decision. Who does she choose? “The Next 365 Days” ends without an answer to that question, so it’s possible that will be resolved in a fourth “365 DNI” movie.


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